Having a Baby at the TBC

Having a Baby at the Toronto Birth Centre

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

A Birth Centre is a regulated, community-based health care facility that offers pregnant people a safe, comfortable, family-centred place to give birth. You will make many choices throughout your pregnancy; two of the most important will be deciding which health care provider you will go to for prenatal care and where you’re going to have your baby. If you choose care with a midwife, you can plan to have your baby at a hospital, at home or at TBC.

We aim to create an environment that supports diverse communities in Toronto. This safe and welcoming space is open to you and your midwife to create the kind of birth experience you’d like to have. Families using the Toronto Birth Centre are encouraged to incorporate their own culture, background, traditions and preferences in their experience. Supporting Indigenous families through pregnancy and birth is a particular focus of the Toronto Birth Centre.

There are ten groups of midwives affiliated with the Toronto Birth Centre, who each have their own clinic and address spread across Toronto. Our birthing space is designed to accommodate approximately 525 admissions per year.  If you are not in care with one of the midwifery groups listed, and are interested in the Toronto Birth Centre, please speak with your midwife.

There’s more to the Toronto Birth Centre than giving birth. The Toronto Birth Centre is committed to being a resource for information and support for pregnant people, families and communities in the city. Prenatal classes, access to complementary therapies care providers, educational opportunities, referrals and community partnerships provide extra support for pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenting.