Visitor Code of Conduct


The Visitor Code of Conduct is posted in several prominent locations at the Birth Centre and is flagged as part of the tours at TBC. The TBC may ask visitors who are posing safety concerns to leave the premises. The TBC Visitor Code of Conduct is as follows:
Welcome to the Toronto Birth Centre
We ask that you respect and honor the families and babies that will soon become a part of our community by joining our commitments below:
Respect client privacy – the client or midwife has the right to ask you to leave the birth room at any time.

Respect the midwives’ and staff’s work – do not touch equipment or crowd their workspace. Invited guests or partners may be asked to move to another location in the birthing room, or asked to wait in the family waiting area if needed.

Respect communities – racist, sexist, homophobic or other targeted jokes, comments, or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

Respect all families – do not consume alcohol or drugs during your visit.

Respect your children – supervise them appropriately.

Respect safety – violent threats, action or attempted action that could endanger the health and safety of any person visiting or working in the birth centre will lead to immediate dismissal from the birth centre.
TBC Staff and Midwives are empowered to ask you to leave for failing to respect all families, midwives or staff in the Birth Centre.