Invitation to Toronto Birth Centre

Boozhoo! Wa’tkwanonhwerá:ton’! Tansi! Welcome!


The Toronto Birth Centre is a unique space, led by Indigenous community members, including midwives, where pregnant people in the care of midwives can labour and give birth.

Our vision is for people, families, and communities to access culturally rich and culturally safer birthing care, rooted in the resurgence and celebration of the knowledges and cultures of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.

As Indigenous midwives, community members and staff of the TBC, we continue to live our ways of life, grow and reclaim our knowledge(s) and practices, and care for ourselves and our communities in the face of ongoing colonial impositions and injustice. We know that many other communities are also living under assault from the systems implemented here on our lands. We believe that by joining our intentions and actions together we can multiply our shared strengths towards justice for us all. We prioritize sharing the space at TBC especially with other communities that continue to feel the impacts of unjust systems, as we work to increase cultural safety.

The TBC is committed to Indigenous cultural integrity, which includes integrating Indigenous ways of seeing, being, knowing, doing and celebrating into birthing space. We invite you into the TBC, where your own cultural practices are respected, honoured and valued. This is our vision of the way to achieve optimal health and wellness for everyone.