Midwife 3

It means working in a space that exists … to re-establish a deep spiritual and ancestral connection to this part of the world, while creating an opportunity for folks to access clinically excellent care in a space that actively seeks to decolonize families’ intrapartum care experiences.

Midwife 4

It is important to me to support Indigenous people, and have a safe space to incorporate pregnancy, birthing and infant teachings that are important to them; as well as to have family present and a space for ceremony.

Midwife 5

Respect and love it. It reminds us the connection between human and natural world that we … often ignored. The low-risk or healthy pregnant people and midwives can benefit a lot from the space provided.

Staff 1

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn constantly over time from Indigenous midwives and other cultural leaders about my role in upholding Indigenous rights and good relationships.

Client 2

It means a lot to me. I would be honoured to have my child in this facility and to be able to have the best of this facility and from all the knowledge and respect it has with all its clients.