Client 1


I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful environment to bring my son into the world. I was drawn to the idea of the TBC as soon as I learned of it after becoming pregnant with my first child. Due to COVID I was unable to tour the space prior to my delivery, but watched the virtual tour and explored the website.

When first entering the space, at 8cm dilated , I could still feel the energy shift walking through those doors to reception. I laboured in the Cedar room, where seeing the beautiful mural on the wall while entering brought me to tears and reminded me of my strength. Knowing that all of the sacred medicines were within steps of where we were brought comfort to me and my partner. Adding a ribbon to the tree upon leaving the centre was an incredibly special touch.

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to choose to labour at a birth centre. It’s an empowering, holistic and beautiful experience and I couldn’t imagine bringing life into the world anywhere else.