COVID-19 Measures

Updated: June 11, 2022

Limited TBC in-person tours will be offered monthly beginning in June. Please book in-person tours at: (416)366-8080 x101.  Please continue to visit our online Tour Videos HERE and watch our social media for live virtual Q&A sessions and live tour announcements.

TBC programming continues online – please check our social media for updates and announcements about events!

We continue to expect everyone who enters TBC to participate in the following measures. Those who do not will be asked to leave.

  • Answer our screening questions before entering the space and provide your contact details in case contact tracing is needed. Please DO NOT come to TBC if you are ill.
  • TBC will provide you with a fresh medical mask upon arrival and ask that you sanitize your hands. Please wear the mask, and clean your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol hand rub. Support people and all visitors must keep your mask on at all times, covering both nose and mouth.
  • Maintain distance of 2 metres (six feet) from anyone who is not living in your household group.
  • Ask TBC staff if you need a distanced location to take a meal break.

    REVISED --> The limit on support people accompanying a person in labour is changed to a maximum count of 3 people (in any role the client chooses). No substitutions or switches are allowed.

    The limit on support people accompanying a person attending a clinic (eg. Seventh Generation Midwives, Infant Hearing screening Program) is set by the healthcare provider. Please check with your midwife or other provider.

    We continue to encourage people with children under 12 years of age to look for alternatives for child-minding, but we will not refuse children entry unless they screen positive (answer ‘YES’ to any of the screening questions). Children will be counted towards limits of support people and towards capacity limits in rooms and spaces within the facility, and children are expected to mask, distance and do hand hygiene in ways appropriate to their capacity. If you bring children to TBC, someone in your group must continue to care for them while on site.

    We are maintaining capacity limits for TBC birth rooms. Capacity limits apply to all visitors, family, and support persons. Please respect the requests and instructions of TBC Staff, midwives and students regarding where there is space for you within the facility.

    If you are planning to give birth at TBC, in the weeks leading up to your due date, you and your support people should:

    1. Strongly consider getting vaccinated for COVID-19 if age 12 and over and do not have a rare medical reason not to.
    2. Follow local public health recommendations, including prioritizing the outdoors for socializing, masking in indoor public settings, and staying home when you are sick.

      For more info click HERE.

    If a person planning to give birth at TBC, or a support person, has a suspected or confirmed COVID infection, they can only enter TBC after:

    • 10 days have fully elapsed from the onset of symptoms or the specimen collection date of a positive test, AND
    • They have no fever without the use of medications, AND
    • Any other symptoms have been improving for more than 24 hours

    If you have any concerns or questions about how these measures may impact you, please discuss them with your midwives or other caregivers. If you need further information or have further concerns, please email our Clinical Director at

    Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health

    COVID-19 Vaccination info for pregnancy & breastfeeding --> click HERE