Important Notice


Due to measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, at this time Clients in labour are limited to one support person from their family. If you have planned the participation of a trained doula and/or Indigenous knowledge keeper in your birth, please discuss with your midwives.

Clients with children should make plans for them to be cared for elsewhere.

We expect everyone to participate in the following measures while at TBC. Those who do not will be asked to leave.

  • Answer our screening questions before entering the space and provide your contact details in case contact tracing is needed. Please DO NOT come to TBC if you are ill.
  • TBC will provide you with a fresh medical mask upon arrival and ask that you sanitize your hands.  Please wear the  mask, and clean your hands frequently.
    (“clean your hands” here is meant to indicate both ABHR use and soap and water at people’s own discretion and depending on location). Support people and all visitors must keep your mask on at all times, covering both nose and mouth.
  • Maintain distance of 2 metres (six feet) from TBC staff and midwives, and from other families using the space.
  • Ask TBC staff if you need a distanced location to take a meal break.

In the weeks leading up to your due date, you and your support person should:

  1. Limit trips out of your home and follow local public health orders.
  2. Keep 2 metres (six feet) distance from others.
  3. Wear a mask or face covering in indoor public spaces and when you can’t keep physical distance.

If you have any concerns or questions about how these measures may impact you, please discuss them with your midwives. If you need further information or have further concerns, please email our Clinical Director at

We have moved TBC programming online – please check our social media for updates and announcements about events!

TBC tours in-person continue to be suspended. Please visit our Tour Videos now for an online tour, and watch our social media for live Q&A session announcements.