Staff and Governance


TBC Staff

Roberta Pike, MSW, Executive Director,
416-366-8080 x 222
Sara Booth, R.M., Clinical Director,
416-366-8080 x 224
Cheryl Creighton,
Office Manager
416-366-8080 x 202
Celia Su,
Clinical Administrative Assistant
416-366-8080 x 201
Hannah Desjarlais,
Indigenous and Community Engagement Coordinator
Tamara Sanchez,
Head Birth Centre Aide
Marixa Alva Roncal,
Birth Centre Aide
Charmaine Burger,
Birth Centre Aide
Sara Schreck,
Birth Centre Aide
Jaheim Henry,
Birth Centre Aide
Natasha Turnbull,
Birth Centre Aide
Giselle Johnston,
Birth Centre Aide
Cassandra Thompson,
Head Birth Centre Aide
Weston Miller,
Andrea Vaz,
Data Administrator/ Data Analyst
Barbara Schreck.
Birth Centre Aide

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the ultimate decision-making and authority for all responsibilities outlined in the Independent Health Facilities Act license agreement, including all matters relating to finances, strategic planning, quality assurance and compliance for the TBC. The Board is made up of a two-thirds registered midwife and majority self-identified Indigenous membership. The Board is accountable to its clients, the communities the TBC serves, government agencies, institutional partners and community stakeholders.

Sarah Martineau, R.M. - PresidentAndrea Luciuk, R.M. - Treasurer/Secretary
Monica McKayMelida Jimenez (Retired RM)
Laura Pus, Women's College Hospital RepresentativeEllen Blais, A.M.
Kearston Bergeron, R.M.Dionne Amsterdam, R.M.
Kandace Price-Lyston,
Vacant - Knowledge Keeper
Vacant - Youth Member

Quality Advisory Committee

The Quality Advisory Committee oversees the activities of the Quality Management Program and reports on them to the Board.  As a committee of the Board, it will focus on safety monitoring and evaluation of services at the Birth Centre.

Sara Booth, R.M.,
Quality Advisor
Melida Jimenez, R.M.,
Board of Directors Representative (Ex-Officio)
Sophie Roher, PhD.(cand),
Community Council Representative
Laura Solis, R.M.,
Board Appointed Member
Tiffany Fung, R.M.,
Board Appointed Member
Katelyn Blascik, R.M.,
Midwives’ Council Representative
Midwives' Council Representative
Community Council Representative

Midwives Council

The Midwives’ Council supports the integrity and excellence of the clinical program of the Toronto Birth Centre. Along with its committees and working groups, it is the primary means for midwives to have input into the culture and day-to-day aspects of the TBC.  The main goal of the Midwives’ Council is to provide all affiliated midwives, midwifery practices and clinically affiliated hospitals an opportunity to participate in shaping clinical policies and protocols.

Kensington Midwives
Mitra Razi, R.M.,
Kensington Midwives
Nabal Kanaan, R.M.,
The Midwives Clinic of East York - Don Mills
Melissa Chan, R.M.,
The Midwives Clinic of East York - Don Mills
Brescia Nember-Reid, R.M.,
Seventh Generation Midwives of Toronto
Seventh Generation Midwives of Toronto
Mary Dirmeitis, R.M.,
Midwife Alliance
Vacant, Midwife Alliance
Diversity Midwives
Alexandra Nikitakis, R.M.,
Diversity Midwives
Amanda Tissera, R.M. (Co-Chair), Riverdale Community MidwivesSabina Fella, R.M.,
Riverdale Community Midwives
Emma Dawkins, R.M.,
Midwives' Collective of Toronto
Maggie Thomson-Kurz, R.M., Midwives' Collective of Toronto
Alusha Morris, R.M.,
Community Midwives of Toronto
Fariba Shodjaie, R.M.,
Community Midwives of Toronto
Jenna Bly, R.M.,
Shezeen Suleman, R.M.,
Sindy Cheung, R.M.,
Trillium Midwives
Fang Yu, R.M.,
Trillium Midwives
Indigenous Seat Shared, Rocio Guzman Velasquez, R.M.,
Seventh Generation Midwives of Toronto
+ Vacant
Tia Sakar, R.M.,
Riverdale Community Midwives

Community Council

The TBC Community Council (Council) endeavors to create, support and foster a culturally secure environment for the Indigenous families, midwives and staff of Toronto Birth Centre (TBC). Through active community engagement, educational services and consultation, the Council works to uphold the cultural integrity of TBC’s core values: Self Determination, Equity, Dignity, and Justice.

Shannon Simpson,
Krysta Williams,
Nicole PenakNiiohontéhsha A'nó:wara (Gillian Kyle)
Faith ChaputNatalie Lucas
Rebecca Beaulne-StubingMelissa Stevenson
Vacant - Youth RepVacant- Knowledge Keeper